Tuesday, October 22, 2013

POTD 18 - 21 Oct 2013

I haven't flaked out on this POTD yet. I didn't get a chance to post last Friday.  In-laws came and decided to stay the night so I was in mad rush to clean and launder the bedsheets (the guest room is always the last for me to clean!).  Sat we went and saw a dying aunt (so, so sad!) and then take the in-laws all the way back home; we live in Mexico and they live in north Cali...I joke! It feels that way! Anyhow, here are my POTD from the 18th - 21st.

101813 - Something that made me smile:  I'm a sucker for nail polishes and I just bought these for the NEX. Been wanting to get this brand.  I checked the NEX before I left for London and it was definitely cheaper to buy it here in the states. So assoon as I got back, I went and bought a few colors.

 101913 - Letters:  I have tons and tons of Thickers (you can never have enough!) and this is my favorite font and color, one that I use often.

102013 - 4 o'clock:  This is what I was doing at 4 o'clock, having a late lunch early dinner. I was super tired so I slept in till 10, and I started cleaning and fixing some stuff around the house and forgot to eat lunch so the hubby and I went and got In n Out (as I am typing this, I'm really craving for one now! LOL).

 102113 - Calm - This is my calm...Fuji napping.  He was actually on Benedryl as he seems to have some type of allergies (so we think), so the Vet suggested 2 - 4 Benedryl in an 8 hour period, I only gave him 2.  Wonder what 3 would have done? LOL  Giving him 2 tonight, so I can clean his nails and ears (where the infections/irritations are.).

OK, I will try to post today's POTD which is  Something in my Town...not quite sure what that will be...I may have to skip this one as this one is a challenge for me.  Is anyone out there playing along? Let me know!  Have a great day!  Hope to share some crafty things soon!

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