Thursday, June 09, 2011


Oh wow, where did the week go?  I don't even remember what I did this week!  Seriously, I don't remember!  LOL!  I know a lot of it has to be because of dh's uncle.  BTW, thank you all for the prayers!!!  GOD was really listening and our uncle is progressing slowly but surely!  So BIG THANKS to everyone!!!

Today's post is about a few of the things I am obsessed about!  It's a hodge-podge of stuff. This first pic is an order of my Smash Book goodies!  They forgot to send me my black one (which is on backorder) I'll get that later in June or is it July?  I also got a red one from Paper Source, each book as a different things in it.  I just love this line!  It's so cool!  I ordered extra pens/glue so I can make my own Smash Books.  It's a pretty neat book!

I'm so into mini scrapbooking!  I have yet to finish my Hawaii - California book, I'll get to it soon, but I did create one of our little Road Trip a few weekends ago...check below for some pics!

  Still need to finish it up but here are the first few pages.  

Lastly, you know I love me some washi tape.  Got these goodies from the Japanese bookstore from Little Tokyo:

And let us not forget about a card...

Thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Shirley N said...

Your mini scrapbook looks great and I LOVE your shaped card! Great papers and design and your coloring is beautiful!

Katherine said...

I like that Smash book! and your shaped card is great! Mabuhay!

Michele said...

Never heard of Smash books but it's so cute! What a perfect little book to still things in while traveling around. And I love your card and your Little Tokyo goodies!! :-)

Cyndi said...

love your mini scrapbook. creative! and love your card too!

Joy said...

what a great mini scrapbook. I don't ever have the time to finish up one. I love the card too. she's super creepy! hope you have a wonderful week!