Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back to blogging, sort of...

Its been five months since I last blogged! Wowzer! To be honest, with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I really don't have time to blog. Blogging takes a lot from you, you have to compose a post, resize pictures, add my siggie and upload it all.  Not only is it a pain to do all this, I rarely upload my pics from my phone onto my computer. Until of course I'm outta space.  With that said if you haven't guessed it, my phone had no more room for pics I was over 4000+ pics, so I had to finally upload them to my computer and save it onto my EHD. Not a fun process!  Anyhow, this post will be picture heavy with a few of the things I've created.  So sit back and enjoy the show (^_^)

 Stamps for sale...

 Goodies I made dh's assistants for Assistant Day

 Card for our niece Christina (last year)

 This year's bday card for Christina.

 Christmas Cards for the nieces.

 Card for our niece Debbie for her bday last year.

 Happy mail card for my friend...

 Bon Voyage card for my cousin who went to Japan for a few months.

 Bday card for my cousin's son.

 My mom's bday card this year.

 2013 Project life week 9 (I'm doing a smaller
version this year.)

 2012 Project Life week 25

 Card for Paper Tales on their 5th Anniversary
(Michelle the owner loves Hello Kitty)

 I had this in my mind when I took all these pictures
while on vacation. Love how it turned out!

An order of these during Christmas. Love how they 
turned out, I added glitter to "Edward's face and chest."

If you've reached the end and for all that continue to visit thank you for sticking by me and being so patient! Mahalo!