Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Greeting Farm's Stamp Feature - Miss Anya Crop and Minkie 1

Happy Monday!  I'm posting two Stamp Feature projects on today's post because I forgot to post last Friday and was out all day. know how life sometimes gets in the way of fun...#beingagrownup So I'm posting Friday's Miss Anya Crop and today's Minkie 1 project today.  Hope you don't mind...

So first up is the new and super cute Miss Anya Crop set.  I just love these grown-up Anya's and love the new style o these Miss Anya's!  My card is super simple and still stuck on that whole tag and glitter on the card!  

And here's Minkie 1 (cuz you know there will be more...) project...

Love the new characters at The Greeting Farm and these were perfect to fill last weeks happenings!  It was a long and tough week so these went perfectly well with what happened last week!  Make sure to stop by The Greeting Farm blog to see how Joni and Rosie used these sets. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Greeting Farm - Stamp Feature - Miss Anya Crop

Hello again!  I'm back again with day two of our Stamp Feature!  And we finally have a new Miss Anya set!  I just love the grown-up version of Anya and these are a new version!  I made this super simple card and used the "Hi" from the Hello/Hi die cuts that were also released in May.  Hope you're enjoying our Features thus far, make sure to come back Monday for more features of the new May release!  You can purchase Miss Anya Crop here.  Have a great weekend everyone!

New Dies from The Greeting Farm

Hey friends!  It's that time of the month where I and the DT Leaders and I from The Greeting Farm share our creations using the new stamp sets and dies that were released on the 15th of May!  Today we feature the new word dies - Hello and Hi along with Thank You dies.  I love these types of dies because they're usually the focal point for my cards.  It's easy and fast to make a card with these!  So without gibber gabbing any further here are my creations using these dies.  Enjoy and as always, please visit The Greeting Farm blog to see what Rosie and Joni created using these die sets!  Before I go, I just want to mention, the papers I used are from Mindy Terasawa's Petite Lily where you can purchase through her Etsy store here.

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Mindy Terasawa DESIGN TEAM CALL!!!

Hey friends!  Do you remember my dear friend Mindy Terasawa?  She designed all those cute kits and papers I would use on most of my projects back in the day...actually I still use them to this day!  Anyhow, she's BACK!  And has some super cute paper and embellies that will be going up for sale super soon!  Here's a look at some of new the papers that will be available make sure to visit this blog and her IG page ( for up to the minute updates!

So without further adieu here's a peak at some of her new stuff:

Thursday, March 28, 2019


I'm back with a surprise post!  And this time it's not a Greeting Farm post!  Not that I don't like posting for them but I haven't done much or posted much of other crafting stuff projects that don't involve The Greeting Farm.  If you haven't noticed, but The Greeting Farm is by far my favorite stamp company for all things kawaii (cute).  Anyhow, today's project are these cute little nuggets that I created for the flight attendants for my upcoming vacation.  I like to give them something little to thank them for taking care of us while we're in the air especially with the long flight we will be embarking on.  I like to get ahead of the game so I've created ten so far, but I believe I'll need five more.   I'm gonna take a break for now because of my shoulder aching at the moment.  The other five will look pretty much the same as these since I'm still using the same paper pad.  Hope you enjoy today's post and gained some inspiration from it (^_^)  By the way, do you give your flight attendants a little something when flying?

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Greeting Farm's March's Stamp Feature

I've decided this is the best way to do The Greeting Farm's stamp feature as I have lot of stuff going on, that I totally forget to post throughout the week.  Never the less I have this up for all your viewing pleasure (bwahahaha...not!)  Hopefully you'll take some inspiration from some of my work.

First stamp we featured this week was Live. Love. Eat stamp set.  This stamp is PERFECT for meal prepping in your planners!  But of course as the DT on The Greeting Farm can show you, they're also perfect for cards as well!  I love these cute little stamp set for my planner.  I don't really decorate but I love these to just stamp on in my planner when I don't feel like writing and add a little decor.

Second stamp is the ever so encouraging stamp called Go For It Anya!  Perfect for pushing yourself and your friends to live a better you!  

And the last stamp we feature is perfect for the upcoming GRADUATION season and well, what do you know, it's called Graduation (die cuts could be found here.).  I chose to use it in my planner as I have quite a few graduations happening and I NEED to schdule it my planner so it was perfect for keeping track of all the graduations happening!

Hope you enjoyed Feature week and if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM or go ahead and leave in the comment section down below.  Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Greeting Farm's Stamp Feature for Feburary

Hello everyone!  Sorry, I've meant to post these samples on each day we did the feature but for some reason, I totally forgot.  Sooooo....I'll be posting them all on this blog post (^_^)

The first stamp we featured was one of my favorite Planner Stamps from The Greeting Farm called Panda Plans.  Why do I love it?  Well for one, it's SUPER cute and two, my lazy but wasn't in the mood to color all those tiny panda'!  Seriously the smaller the more crossed-eye I got...hahaha!  This made the "decorating" of my week go super quick along with the coordinating dies that you can purchase as well!

The second feature was using Anya - to be exact she's called I (Heart) You Anya and I think she's adorable and could see her used on so many different occasions.  It also went perfect for Valentine's Day!  Here I made a cute little box (well not so little) to house some goodies that I will be giving to a friend.  

 And lastly (I've added this to my favorite stack) the It's Your Birthday stamp set (it also has a coordinating die you can purchase as well).  Why do I love it?  Well for one, it's a Birthday stamp set, who doesn't ever need a birthday stamp?  Two, it's a celebration stamp doesn't have to be just for birthdays and THREE my super favorite - IT HAS MACARONS!!!!!  LOL!

These stamp sets are available NOW at The Greeting Farm store!  OK, I just checked, everyone seemed to love It's Your Birthday as much as I do and it's sold out but our ETA (estimated time of arrival) should be about the 25th!  So make sure to check back then!  Can't wait to see what everyone creates with these new stamp sets!  Oooh and for more inspiration, please do check the blog and see what the others created using these stamps along with all our other stamps!  Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Greeting Farm's Stamp Feature - Decora Anya


Happy Friday!  We are finally at the end of the week and the hubby is back from travel which means we a fun outing happening for the weekend!  Woohoo!  BUT not only is it Friday but we are showcasing the last stamp from the January release and this has to be one of my favorites.  Why?  Because she's super cute and she was inspired by the Harajuku girls from Japan.  I know not many of you know, but I grew up in Japan so this stamp hits super close to my heart!  Here's a little info on what/who are Harajuku Girls...

Harajuku Style, which is a playful, colorful mix of girly and punk. The street style originated from a postwar combination of American and Japanese culture and formed mainly around the Harajuku district in Shibuya, Japan. Harajuku Style challenges you to be different from mainstream fashion and embrace something more colorful and liberating! Here are some pictures of Harajuku Style:

And here is another simple card, wanted to showcase the image and the background paper.  Hopefully it conveyed what I was going for:

You could see more creation using Decora Anaya on The Greeting Farm blog.  You could get Decora Anya here.