Friday, August 14, 2015

Special Release on The Greeting Farm Today!

OK, one last blog post for this Special Release!  Today is the day where you can purchase the two new stamps - SSSSC no. 14 Love Peppermint and no. 15 Rose at The Greeting Farm store.  Here are two more projects I created using both stamps:

This first project I made a Christmas card (you can never be too early to start creating for Christmas!).  I have tons of Pocket Style scrapping supplies, I thought what better way to use them up and put them on a card!  Simple card, but I really like it.  Hope you do too!

For my second project, I needed another bookmark so I created it with Rose.  Goes well with yesterday's post don't you think (^_~)  I tried to keep this one as flat as possible.  She is with me on my trip as we speak.  Again, I used one of the filler cards from One Little Bird's Pocket Style cards cut the top two corners, hole in center and embellished a little.  I love it when I could shop my supplies and use it to create all sort of things!

Hope you enjoy this blog post!  Please visit The Greeting Farm's blog for more inspiration and don't forget to grab you these two adorable stamps!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Greeting Farm's SSSC no. 15 Rose Preview

Hi all!  I'm back with our second preview.  Today we are previewing SSSC no. 15 - Rose (since I'm on vacation and at the time I am writing this, the link has not gone live so I decided to include the what's new section as the link)!  Such a cutie, don't you think?  As many of my regular followers know, I love to read!  I'm always in search of new books even if I have like 10 books that I'm still reading through!  I know, I'm horrible!  You're also wondering who can I do it (I get that question a lot) it's weird but that's how my brain process.  The books I read ranges from biography to Christianity to chick-lit to thriller...  you get the point.  Anyhow, sometimes, I start reading one book and realize I'm just not in the mood for that genre so I switch over to something else unless it's a book I cannot put down.  Anyhow, I needed a place where I could jot down all the books I want to read and find interesting and so I created this little composition notebook using Rose!  (^_^)  I love how she has this look of contemplation...that's my look!  I'm always contemplating on something! hahaha!

Thank you once again for stopping by!  Hope you got some inspiration here on my little blog.  Remember you can use your Greeting Farm images on anything, not just on cards!  Be creative and we'd love to see what you come up with! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Greeting Farm's SSSC no. 14 Love Peppermint Preview

Hello everyone!  Today we are previewing The Greeting Farm's SSSC. no. 14 Love Peppermint (since I'm on vacation and at the time I am writing this, the link has not gone live so I decided to include the what's new section as the link)!  I think she's so adorable!  There are two things I think of when I look at her, Christmas and Candy stripper! LOL!  But I've seen so many awesome things you create with her!  Like for instance, someone made her hat into a birthday hat...what an cute and creative idea, don't you think?  Anyhow, I opted for something simple (that's me, simple! LOL)  And like I mention in a couple of my previous blog post, I like to make things I can use and give away.  So I created this cute favor box for my Samoyed's groomer, since he's a handful and well, he's hair is everywhere!  I housed a couple of Big Island candies' macadamia biscotti's (they're my fave!). 

Hope you enjoy's today's projected, be sure to check back tomorrow for our next preview!