Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Greeting Farm's SSSC no. 26 Katie Preview

Hey guys!  Welcome back!  Today myself, Rosie and Joni are previewing SSSC no 26 Katie which will be available on the 15th along with another SSSC!  Make sure to check back tomorrow to see what she looks like, you won't want to miss her because she's super adorable!!!  For today's project, I created a goodie box filled with yummy candies.  I find myself giving goodies out more so than cards.  Don't get me wrong, but I love making cards and sending them however I have more needs for goodie boxes for neighbors, groomers, vets and staff at my FIL's "Home away from Home".   So if you're always wondering why I'm making more goodie boxes, that's why (^_^) haha!  Anyhow, SSSC no. 26 Katie is part of the Super Secret Stamp Club; hence SSSC.  If you're not familiar with it, I've inserted a little summary of what the SSSC is all about.

 The Super Secret Stamp Club is a 3-month online subscription where members receive a 3×4 special edition ‘mystery’ TGF stamp each month at an exclusive membership price of $8. SSSC Members get the stamp 1-5 months prior to it being released to the general public at the retail price of $12. The Secret Stamps ship the first week of each month (with the exception of international orders where all 3 stamps ship at the end of the second month) during the period in which you’ve registered for.

Here's the goodie box I created!  Thanks for stopping by!  Make sure to visit The Greeting Farm to see what my fellow DT Leaders created!

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