Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daily Photo Challenge

It's been pretty boring on my blog so I thought I'd try to do this photo a day challenge.  I loved looking back on my last photo challenge (which I failed miserably!) and wished I had continued with it.  Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk! I hope some of you (I hope there's someone out there reading this poor pathetic blog of mine...) will join me! If you do, please link me on the comment so I can visit your blog.) I may not be able to post everyday but I will try and post all the pics.  So here's Oct's list; took this from the web and even if it's I think 2012 or 2011...not sure, I liked what was on the list...

(Photo A Day list/pic by @fatmumslim)

Even though it's the middle of the month, I'll start from there.  Oct 16, 2013  Here's my pic for today:

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