Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My poor baby!

No creative post for this week or maybe even for the next few weeks.  I am on nurse duty.  My little baby had  surgery on her two back knees this past Monday.  She's slowly recovering, but today I notice a little swelling on her left leg.  Please say a prayer that it's nothing serious.  I will be taking her to the Vets tomorrow morning.  Hoping it's nothing and just part of the  healing process.  I'm taking her in because they say if there's swelling to take her in.  So hope it's just a precautionary thing they do. 

Here's some pictures of her progression from Monday night till today:

This was the first night we brought her home.  Wish the pic wasn't so dark, you would have seen her tongue sticking out.  It was cute and sad at the same time.   We had a bit of a rough night with her because she was in pain and uncomfortable.  She woke up every hour and we figured it was because she wanted us to turn her to her other side, she's usually a restless sleeper so once we did that she was fine.

Tuesday morning, she looked miserable.  But earlier we had given her her pain meds and she went right to sleep after we gave it to her.  It was adorable because she wanted to sleep on my chest so we both got a good three hour sleep.

This was taken after we came from the vets, he removed two of her bandages and she was a happy camper.  He also gave her a bigger cone since the other one was way too small and she was able to lick her stitches. 

This was taken today, since we didn't have to go to the vets nor were there any service people coming to the house I decided it would be a stay in bed day.  She and I hung out together all day keeping one another company.  She's such a great dog and an even better companion.  She's always entertaining me, even if she's not feeling well.  Gotta love her!

That's it for now...again, if you don't mind saying a prayer for her, we'd really appreciate it!  Have a Blessed Day! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Album

Made this album for my auntie who celebrated her 60th, remember those favors? Well here's her book, this was my present to came late but from what she said, it was well worth the wait (even though she had no idea I was giving this to her or that my toilet paper gift (idea I got from Teri) was gift enough ^_^)

So w/o further adieu , here's her book:

Thursday, June 09, 2011


Oh wow, where did the week go?  I don't even remember what I did this week!  Seriously, I don't remember!  LOL!  I know a lot of it has to be because of dh's uncle.  BTW, thank you all for the prayers!!!  GOD was really listening and our uncle is progressing slowly but surely!  So BIG THANKS to everyone!!!

Today's post is about a few of the things I am obsessed about!  It's a hodge-podge of stuff. This first pic is an order of my Smash Book goodies!  They forgot to send me my black one (which is on backorder) I'll get that later in June or is it July?  I also got a red one from Paper Source, each book as a different things in it.  I just love this line!  It's so cool!  I ordered extra pens/glue so I can make my own Smash Books.  It's a pretty neat book!

I'm so into mini scrapbooking!  I have yet to finish my Hawaii - California book, I'll get to it soon, but I did create one of our little Road Trip a few weekends ago...check below for some pics!

  Still need to finish it up but here are the first few pages.  

Lastly, you know I love me some washi tape.  Got these goodies from the Japanese bookstore from Little Tokyo:

And let us not forget about a card...

Thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!