Sunday, October 04, 2009

Totally Awesome!

I know this isn't craft related, but you gotta watch! I just love this!!!

*Edit* - I did not write this part...this is from the person who initially posted this on FB.**
His name is SAM TSUI, Pretty amazing! I have no words to describe how great is this video, an amazing work, the way he made the mix, I watched this video like 20 times. This is DEFINITELY SAME GUY, they all have the same hair and just different shir...ts. He is really good, HE ROCKS. I hope he becomes a real famous singer, not that he is not famous right now. He needs a contract right NOW.Someone help this guy please.


Tammy said...

Hi Claudette
I'm with you. This has got to be the same kid. Great vidio editing and fantastic mixing. What's super cool is that he has done this accapella.
Very cool
Thanks for sharing.

MargaritaMD said...

I've seen it about 20 times too!! Now THAT's talent!!

Vina said...

OMG...this video is freakin crazy cooool! This performer definitely has some talent =) TFS!

Teri said...

thsnks for sharing, this was awesome!