Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goodies from Mindy!!! Woohoo!

Check out this loot! LOL! Mindy sent me all these! Can you believe it? These are all of her creations! I know we're all used to seeing her digital stuff online, but did you know a lot of her digital creations have been turned into traditional scrapbooking supplies? For those that don't recognize it in the store (since it's not normally under her name, usually the Scrapbooking Companies) you should try looking...she worked with Imagincse, MME, Bo Bunny, Autumn Leaves and A2Z Essentials to name a few. Some have her name on it but others don't. One line I know all of you crafters will definitely recognize but not know is her, is her Fairest of them All kit manufactured by Imaginsce. Sadly Imaginisce is no longer printing them. (*o*) Just love that line. I have to say that has to be by far my most favorite of all her kits. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE ALL HER KITS...but that by far is number one on my list! LOL! Anyhow, here is what she sent me. Look to the near future, I will be giving these away as blog candy (don't quote me...it all depends on time for me). I'm thinking maybe in January since I'm so busy right now and I'll be going back to Japan for a couple of weeks then of course it'll be Christmas and New Years...so yeah, keep a look out for it around Jan/Feb timeframe! OK now that you know she does traditional scrapbooking kits, check it out the next time you're at a Scrapbooking store! Aloha!


Berenice said...

Super cute goodies! :)

Janis said...

So cute. You totally scored. I can recognize a lot of the paper that I have. No wonder I luv 'um. It's the sweetest!!! Thanks for letting us know.

Jenny said...

Mindy sure has some great designs! I just love her work. You are so lucky to have that connection! Please tell her she has awesome stuff!

Jenny (from Hilo)

Jodi said...

She was super generous to send all this stuff to you!! Love her work and all the cuteness!
Jodi =)

jo said...

Wow! Look at all of that stuff! How nice of Mindy to send all of that to you and if you need help using it all you can send it over to *ahem* me. *lol*