Monday, October 19, 2009

Everyday Basics by Mindy Terasawa and a New Stamp Designer!

Sorry, no creations folks! I've had a migraine this weekend and was busy making stuff for my craft fair. Here's some new paper packs available at DD. Check them out! I just love all the colors!!!!

I'd like to answer a few questions that were asked;

1. I got the Hello Kitty image on the web.
2. Sweeties are on a hold right now. Tryin' to make them line art is taking forever...when you delete a certain line it alters the next so I want them to be perfect. Right now I'm extremely busy so I'm looking at starting them back up around beginning of next year. I promise I'll make a huge announcement as soon as at least one goes into production! Thanks so much for your patient!
Did I miss a question? If so, please either leave a comment or email me directly.

And next I am so happy that Amy from A thousand sheets of paper is now designing rubber stamps!!!! She is such a talented artist, I love how she alters images...especially the TGF ones and now she's creating her own line! She has some blog candy so please stop by and give her some love! Here's what's up for grabs:


Jodi said...

These are all such pretty colors and prints!!
Jodi =)

Janis said...

Love your latest creations. I know what you mean about migraines. I was feeling it on Saturday night and had to sit in the dark on Sunday. It finally past by Sunday night but it leaves you drained. Feel better soon!

jo said...

You're such an enabler. :)

Love love love it all!