Friday, September 04, 2009

Groovalicious kit by Mindy Terasawa

It's been about 2 or maybe 3 weeks since Mindy's last kit, so I was so happy to see her new one! She's back everyone and I'm so excited! hahaha! Her new kit Groovalicious (ahem, named by yours truly...hahaha!) is a fun and vibrant kit! Love it! I'm normally a soft subtle type gal but I just love the stuff she's been producing lately! I so can't wait for her Halloween kit! Did I tell you I LOVE Halloween? hahaha!

Anyhow, here's the kit...enjoy and please head to DD on Sunday, Sept 6 to buy this Groovalicious kit!


jo said...

ooh what a cute kit! I had no idea that you work with Mindy Terasawa! I love her stuff! I've been a fan for years! :)

Janis said...

Wow! Another great kit. Love how you named it! It's so appropriates for the layout and color combo. Totally cute & inspirational.

joni h said...

I love these colors!! Oh boy, I'll have just as much digi kits as I do papers and I don't do anything with them...well, hardly.. Is that a crafters thing or what? Buy, buy and buy, then maybe craft!! LOL!
Love the name of the kittoo!

Jen Tapler said...

Hey Claudette! I just discovered your blog and love your work!! Question - are you on Oahu? And are you teaching digi classes there? I think my good friend took a class you taught recently. Just curious. Anyway, Mahalo for the comment on my blog! I'm adding you to my Google Reader now!