Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday my little Roxy Girl!!!

Today is my little baby's 2nd bday!!!  I'm gonna bake her a dog friendly cake and maybe make her a plain steak...hmm, we'll have to see.  LOL! I know I'm a bit crazy!  But hey, she's my only child!  Here's the bday girl with her crazy uneven haircut...hahaha!

Next is another card for Pineapple Cove...don't know what's up w/the color of the pic but that is not how it looks IRL.  I love this image...heck, I love all of the Bunnies!!

Lastly I got these cool Copic storages yesterday and headin' back to get one more...don't you think they look all neat?  I love them!!!  I prefer to have my Copics laying down oppose to upright when storing them.  I like to do them the way Japan has them stored.  I believe you can store them either way but I like them better laying. 


OK, that's it for now...and as I'm typing this my eyes are drooping!


Katherine said...

Happy 2nd birthday to Roxy!
She is so cute!

Janis said...

Happy 2nd birthday Roxy! Your mom has a cool Copic storage so she was able to create a cool Easter card. Love the spring colors!!!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Roxy! She's so cute! Love your copic storage and look at all those pens!!!

That bunny set is really cute too!


**CrEaTiNgWiThAlOhA** said...

aww Happy BIrthday to your girl love your copic those copics.....have a great day celebrating....hugs Liann

Jenny V. said...

Happy Birthday to Roxy! Wow love your copic storage, where did you purchase it. I need to start get organize. Cute card, love the spring colors. TFS!

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday to Roxy! Can't believe how much copics you have! Wow... guess I need to get more so that I can learn to color like all of you... hehehe!

Shirley N said...

I love Amy's bunnies too and your card is just so adorable--love it! Roxy is adorable too!

Pineapple Cove said...

Happy Birthday my little Roxy girl! Gosh, can't believe she's only 2 yrs. old. Take pix of her steak & cake if you get a chance to make it. Would love to see how she reacts/eats it. =)

Butterfly bunny is sooo cute!!! Can't get over his bunny pj' how the card turned out!

Joy said...

WOW Claudie! you have lots of pens! love your work space too! so cool! I need to find me a copic holder too...just don't know exactly what I am looking for yet. love your card for Easter! and last but not least...Happy Birthday to ROXY! hope you mama cooks you that steak girl! happy thursday!

joni h said...

I just wanna give Roxy a big squeeze! I'm sure Mandi would LOVE to see her! She's a dog nut! Happy birthday to Roxy!! ruff! woof!

Jon and Ninette said...

Happy Birthday Roxy Baby!! Enjoy that steak! I'm sure it'll taste loads better than rabbit meat! :)
Good Job on the haircut chick!

Cyn said...

Happy Birthday Roxy. I know how it is to love your fur babies as I have 3 and love them to pieces. I have human babies too but love the furry ones also. tee hee

Thanks for coming into the store and getting the Copic Cubbies, aren't they the best?

Hope to see you soon.
Cyn, MunchKins

Kyoko said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROXY!!! She looks really happy! Hey, dang GF you sure got a lot of pens ... mine so ghetto compared to yours ... LOL!

Cute bunny card ... LOVE IT!


Jodi said...

Happy 2nd birthday Roxy!!
She's adorable!
Jodi =)