Friday, February 26, 2010

Aloha Friday!

Hello everyone!  I can't believe it's already Friday!! Wow! This week went by so fast!  I was hoping to have this week to relax and rest after the in-laws left, but nope that didn't happen!  I pretty much ran errands all week!  Hopefully today I can stay home and just relax and maybe make more cards!  We shall see!

Anyhow, I've gotten emails about my Copic storage.  I got the from Munchkins located in the Mililani Town Center.  They perfect for the Copic pens and I absolutely love them.  I went back yesterday and got my third case and I'm thinking I may need one more...hahaha!  I'm hoping Copic does not come out w/any new colors for a while!  LOL!  These cases cost $22.95.  Not bad, especially since you don't have to pay for shipping and handling! Here's how it looks with the third case:

No stampin' project today, spent most of my day cleaning, organizing, cooking and baking for the little girl.  Oh I did a hybrid project...check it out!

Here's the birthday girl in her birthday outfit.  This was actually her Valentine's outfit, forgot to put it on on Valentine's.  But she did wear this at Pineapple Cove.  So I decided to have her wear it again today. 
Here's the Pupcake I made for her and these are packaged for the doggies at M's work.

Email me if you'd like the recipe it's dog safe, really easy and not that much ingredients needed. 


MargaritaMD said...

that's A LOT of copics!! Looks great all organized like that! I thought you made her a steak too?
she is so cute with her clothes on! I swear she was human in her past life!

Teri said...

Wow C! Love the storage! I'll have no room left on my table if I get these shelves! Ooh, but tempting since Munchkins is right here on the island! Awww, Roxy girl looks super cute in her bday outfit!!

Brenda said...

Love the treats you made for the dogs. Let's hope the owners remember it's for the dogs and not them... have a great weekend!

Jodi said...

Oh she is so cute!! LOVE the treat you made her! Great organization too!
Jodi =)

Cyndi said...

love your copic organizer! you have so many! your dog is cute too!

Joy Datanagan said...

Damn girl, you bought one more?? Sheesh!!!! Cute Roxy!!!!


Jenny V. said...

I can't wait to get it, I'm finally getting organize and have a desk now. Roxy is so adorable!

jo said...

I've been seeing that Copic storage system EVERYWHERE and now I want a couple of my own too! Ugh. Thanks, enabler! *lol* :)

Cheryl said...

Nice organization. Wish I had space for that too. You got so many pens!!! Happy birthday to you little girl!

Cyn said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Roxy girl. I have a Piper girl and Nike boy at home. They are big black labs and I love them to death. I would love to have the recipe.

Thanks for sharing.