Friday, January 30, 2009

A Feature and Mindy's 2nd Vday kit

Aloha everyone! Thanks for all the great comments and visits! I truly appreciate it!!! Especially the comments...I know I'm not the best stamper out there (digi is another thing) but it's always nice to hear about my work whether it be good or bad it helps me grow as an artist!! So please always feel free to leave me a comment whether it be about my work or just to shoot me a "hello"! No biggie if you're shy, I always welcome everyone to this creative process of mine!

Now onto some exciting news (OK, so it's only exciting for me...LOL!), I was featured on TGF's blog yesterday and so stinkin' happy! I just love Marie's work and admire her as an Artist. Being featured on her blog is definitely an honor! Thanks Marie!!!

And last but not least, Mindy's new VDay kit Love Bandit will be on sale this Sunday here.
Here's the preview:

Stickers sold separately:

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Joy said...

i can't wait to order these adorable images! I already know what I want to do with them...I'll post them once I'm done! I'm so excited...Sunday can't come any faster? have a great weekend!