Monday, January 12, 2009

Crossin' my fingers!

***EDIT*** Got an email from SU! and yes! It's been confirmed that my package is on its way!!! My package is the first one on the UPS hopefully for all you other Ewa Demonstrators, you are too getting yours today!

Looks like those SU! Demo's (those who ordered one package of catalogs) maybe be getting them today!!!!! Joy D. I think you're a demo yeah? If you ordered one box, then maybe your order is one of them in the pic below. I hope the way I looked it up was it be someone elses' order...hahaha! All of the packages that UPS is delivering today are all coming from same place and delivered to the Ewa Residents. I took the lead from the other demos and typed in West 1 Package and our lets cross our fingers this is it! **I just noticed it says sked delivery Jan 13, but if you look it up and click on the details it says its out for delivery so hopefully that's because it's being updated from either the west or east coast?**

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Joy said...

Hey Claudette! You are right, I am a demo and I am totally crossing my fingers today!! The FEDEX man didn't come yet, he comes between 4 and 6pm so we'll see! It's already 4:30pm...

Thanks for thinking of me and looking up the shipping on it!!!! You da bes!!

When you have a chance, can you email me? You're a photographer right? I am looking to buy a "GOOD" camera but need some expertise. My niece has a Nikon D40x, is that a good one?