Thursday, October 28, 2010

More info on Giveaway and Still time to vote for Roxy!

There's still time to vote for Roxy. The contest ends Oct 30. Please remember you need to LEAVE A COMMENT on the Hawaii Pet Network in order for the vote to count. You can vote every day until the contest closes. I know it's a pain to log in but we really appreciate the support from everyone!

Please vote HERE.

On the last post I mentioned a giveaway (for helping Roxy)...well to help entice you, I'll be giving away some TGF stamps (Sponsored by Pineapple Cove...thanks ManLe and Victor) particularly the new Beanie Anya which will be release on the Nov 1 and some hybrid goodies (sponsored by Mindy and me). I will take the names off the Pet Network site since some of you are forgetting to leave a comment here. The more you vote the more chances you have to win. Good luck everyone and thanks so much for your support!

There are a few people that voted for Roxy on the Hawaii Pet Network who I don't know.  If you are a crafter and have voted for Roxy, please leave me a comment or send me email so I know you are interested in the giveaway.  If you do not notify me by either means, I will assume you are not a crafter and not interested in the giveaway.  

Many thanks to everyone who voted and voted several times!!!

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Lorna said...

Hi Claudette! I just tried again to log on and it says my zip code is invalid (96743). Weirdness! Roxy has my vote tho' - she is super cute!! That's a beautiful picture of her.