Monday, October 25, 2010

Favor Please

Hi all!  This is a non-craft related post.  I'm asking all of you if you could please vote for Roxy to be on the cover of Hawaiian Pet Magazine.  What a fitting souvenir for Roxy to have of her birthplace (you all know it's really for me to keep and scrap right? LOL)  Anyhow, could you please take the time to vote for Roxy.  Please leave a comment on the Hawaii Pet Network site in order for the vote to count.  Looks like you can vote everyday but only once a day.  We really appreciate the vote!!!!  

Please vote HERE.

If you vote, please return here and comment you've voted and I'll be giving away some goodies!!  It'll be a mix btwn stamps and digital-hybrid goodies!  Woohoo!

(you can also click on the pic to take you to her site...bit mahalo!)

PS check back Wed as I will be announcing the winner to the Treat Toppers.


Pineapple Cove said...

Love this photo!!!

Berenice R. said...

She is adorable! :)

Joy said...

awe...this is such a cute picture of Roxy! I will go there and vote now! have a good week Claudie!

Jen said...

Vote Vote Vote!!! DOn't be shy!!!

I did!!!

Jenny V. said...

Awwww this is a great and cute photo of Roxy. Will go on there and vote.

Michele said...

Roxy is too cute!! I just finished voting!