Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey there!

No project on today's post.  Same song and dance, I was busy with life.  I hope to get some crafting done today but I got a lot planned for my day...we'll see!  Also won't be able to craft as much for the next few months, something's come up and hopefully I will be able to squeeze some craft time here and there.  I will definitely have my weekly TGF Challenges and upcoming previews done, so please do check back from time to time cause there will at least be that posted on the blog.  

I want to say I did my first Copics class and even though I wasn't nervous, I never liked teaching in fear that no one will learn a thing from me.  I guess I don't feel I have that "teaching" skill.  LOL!  But thankfully this class proved me wrong.  It was a hit and I plan on doing a few more classes!  I had fun, met lots of great women!  Joy of Joy of Crafting was in my second class.  I was a bit shocked!  LOL!  She was funny and I was so glad to have met her and the others!  Thanks ladies for making my first class a success, you all did wonderful!  I also want to thank my girl ManLe for giving me the opportunity to teach!  I may consider doing that when I move back to the mainland!  Who knows, we'll see!

If you stayed long enough to read all this, thank you!  I'll leave you with a pic of Roxy enjoying her day at the beach yesterday!  Aloha!


Joy said...

Thanks for a really fun Saturday! You made the class really easy to follow and now coloring won't be so "scary"(hopefully, no more Bad hair days!)

Thanks again!

Shirley N said...

OGosh, Roxie is soooo CUTE!!!

Pineapple Cove said...

Claudie - thanks for coming to teach! Everyone had so much fun, and you did an amazing job! It was apparent in their 1st coloring sample. Can't wait for the next class.

I love the photos of Roxy - which beach did you go to? She is such a natural in front of the camera! Wish my girls were that good. These two photos are so precious!

Joy said...

awe...Roxy is just too cute! love how she looks with a little sand on her nose =) so glad your classes went well. have a great week!

Teri said...

Glad you were able to teach those copic classes! See! the certification paid off!
OMG, Roxy is the cutest! I'm saving her to my pics! Looks like she had a blast at the beach! Hope all is well, it's been a while!