Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you!!

I apologize for not posting this sooner!  I've been lazy, the desk is a mess, tryin' to do several things at once I just got overwhelm!  But hey, tha'ts life...things don't always go as you hoped and well...this is what happens.  I became lazy and in a funk due to an overwhelming sensation...  Anyhow, I wanted thank all my good friends for always thinking of me!

First RAK is from Miss Janis...she's so sweet!  She gave me this for Valentine's day...I love it and the yummy candies!  Janis knows my love for TGF stamps!  Thank you Janis you are such a sweet friend!!!

This next one was from Jodi...this was during one of our get togethers that I could not make but she was sweet enough to give and make me one!  I love it and as you can see, I have yet to actually open it.  And did you see, I got a Belle's and Whistles stamp?  Woohoo, my first one!!!  I definitely need to ink it up and use it!!  Thank you Jodi!

This one is from Joni another sweetie!  Check out the packaging!  And love, love, love the Hello Kitty post-it notes!!!  Yeay!  Thank you Joni!!

Last but not least, this is from Liann!  Can you see Edward glistening?  Whoa mama!  Cute stamps and I just love the cupcake stickers!!!  Thank you Liann for always being so sweet and thoughtful!

I have one more but couldn't take a picture of it cause I had already put the stuff away and used some of it so I didn't want to take a pic of it half used.  However I still wanted to thank my girl Margarita!  She bought me a ream of Neenah paper...cheapest I've found and she included some goodies, like a paw punch, stickers, ribbons...and all I asked was for the Neenah paper!  What a girl!  Thanks peks!!!  You da best!

Thanks again everyone!  Even though it takes me forever to post, I want you to know I am truly thankful and bless that I have such great friends!!


jo said...

Wow! You ARE one lucky gal to receive such goodies! That's awesome! I'm jealous! *lol*

Jenny V. said...

Lovely RAK. You really deserve it. TFS!

Brenda said...

You received some great raks! TFS!

Joy said...

love all your RAKS too! so sad we couldn't see you when you got back from CHA. seems so long ago. hope you got my easel drawer that I made. have a great hump day!