Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ahhhhh....I'm back!

Hello friends! Sorry for the week long absent!  Dh went on travel last week and I decided I needed a "stay-cation" of doing absolutely nothing!  OK, maybe not all true but for the most part I didn't fix my bed, didn't do laundry, didn't cook, slept in and took plenty of naps (^o^)  Yes, you can say I have a pretty nice life.  LOL!  I may have another stay-cation next week too!  hahaha!  We'll see just how lazy I can be...  I will say last week's stay-cation worked wonders.  i was just so tried from my Japan trip (yes, the one I took in Dec), my family visiting from Dec - Jan, the trip to LA, the in-laws visiting for 3 weeks, catching up on all the stuff after all the visitors left...so this break was much needed!  I did craft here and there but nothing serious.  After this break I'm really not motivated to do much...LOL!  Sigh, it'll slowly come back, I hope.

Any who, I made this card for my gf ManLe (She owns Pineapple Cove at Kahala Mall).  Her bday is today!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANLE!!!  Wishing you all the best and hope you enjoy your special day after work of course!  LOL! 

Made this card  using CC Design's Sugarplums Balloon Emma.  I think this stamp along with Balloon Trevor and Party Emma are so adorable.  Been meaning to ink these stamp since I bought them end of Jan.  I also got this outrageously huge Sugarplum set that I will hopefully ink up this week...so be on the lookout for more CC Design cards/projects.  The card is real simple card but hey, all my cards are simple.  What's  new...hahaha!

These cupcakes are from Roxy to her Aunty ManLe.   Yeah, yeah, I'm using the same pic of Roxy again...it's my fave and her hair is so uneven right now.

Thanks again for stopping by!  I hope to post the blogcandy, CHA pics and some cool RAKs I got.

CC Design stamps were purchased from Cute Stuff.  Sorry, Lianne doesn't have a website, but if you're visiting the islands you can visit her store here: 

Cute Stuff at Puck's Alley
2600 S. King St., Ste 204
Honolulu, Hawaii 96826


margie c said...

What an adorable B'day card! and delish cupcakes! yummmm!
Roxy is too cute! She looks like our Miley Rose, today is her first b'day :)

TFS! hugs, margie

Joy said...

yummy cupcakes! so cute that it comes from your doggie! hope you have a good day!...oh cute card too!

Jenny V. said...

That cupcake looks yummy, can I have some please. LOL. Roxy haircut looks so cute and lovely card too. Enjoy your day!

Sparkle said...

What lovely cupcakes and such a cute card.

Jodi said...

Aww so cute Claudie!! How adorable!!
Jodi =)

Cyndi said...

Love the card and the cupcakes! very cheerful!

Brenda said...

Cute card and those cupcakes look yummy!

Janis said...

Love the cupcakes & adorable card. Roxy is looking fine w/her heavenly sister as blogwear.