Friday, November 13, 2009

A card for Noah

I read about Noah Biorkman's story on several blogs my heart sank and I wanted to participate here's my card for Noah.

And if you'd like to participate here is the info.

"A little boy, who just turned 5 is in the end stages of cancer. The family is celebrating Christmas next week as they don't believe that he will make it until the actual holiday. Noah's Christmas wish this year is that he receives LOTS of Christmas cards. Please consider taking the time to send this little guy a cute Christmas card to make his last Christmas a big holiday for him. "

Noah Biorkman

1141 Fountain View Circle

South Lyon, MI 48178

You can watch Noah and hear his story here:

I verified this on Snopes. Link is here

Please send the card to the above NOT to me.


Sparkle said...

This card is darling! I know he'll love it!

Teri said...

Love your card for Noah. I will make one for him this weekend. Thanks for sharing this story!

Joy said... sad...I saw this on someone else's blog too and was meaning to make one for him. I hope I still have time. your card came out so cute and I know he'll love it. I know death is so hard to take...but I think it's harder on the ones who get left behind. thanks for letting us know. have a wonderful weekend!

Tammy said...

You card is so sweet. It is tragic isn't it about Noah. I read about this earlier this week and I too just felt my heart sink.
I know Noah will love your card.

Michelle U said...

This card is so wonderful and I am sure it will brighten his day! I will have to make one for him, what a tragic story :0(.


joni h said...

Beautiful card! Noah will surely appreciate it! You're wonderful to do this. I'll try to get one out to him soon!

Jodi said...

I love this card,