Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is for Jodi, who I'm sure is very curious as to what my 13 lbs. Yorkie looks like (^o^)

Got her outfit from Japan. They have so many cute doggie outfits. I swore I'd never dress my dog up like Paris dresses hers. But the outfits were just so cute! LOL!


Joy said...

she's one BIG yorkie! but she's so adorable! I wish my yorkie would wear clothes...she goes nuts when we try...or even put her hair up with rubber bands lol!

Joy said...

my yorkie weighs 7 1bs. and I thought that was pretty big until I see yours =) that's okay...at least I know they won't "break" if they jump off anything...lol!

Jodi said...

Hi Claudette!! OMG! Your Roxy is super super cute!! =)
Thank you for sharing this pic with me!! My yorkie at my parents weighs 9 pounds. =)
I would have to meet your doggie!!
Hugs,Jodi =)

Anonymous said...