Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I've been Tagged

Joy of A Place to Be Me tagged me to participate in this fun game. I'm supposed to go the 6th picture, in my 6th folder, where I store my pictures, and then tell the story behind that picture. Here's the picture:
This is my sweet Avery, back in August 2007. I took this picture because he was lying halfway off his bed. What's the big deal? Well that he was half on his bed and half on the floor. Yet he seemed so comfortable. Now you know had it been us humans we'd really wouldn't have a smile on our face or stay in that position for very long. But not my Avery he always found the oddest position the most comfortable one and always with a smile! Sadly Avery passed away June 2008 and I am still having a difficult time with his passing. I don't have any kids yet so Avery was my first child and its the worst feeling in the world to have to make the decision to put him down so he no longer sufferd. To this day I still question myself on whether or not we waited to long... (*o*)

OK, I know this was suppose to be a fun game, but this was the sixth picture in my sixth folder.

Sheesh, I'm not sure who to tag, all my bloggin' friends has been tagged! I'll have to come back to this part of the game.


Teri said...

I love this picture and your story behind of this pic of Avery. I'm so sorry that he's no longer here. Do you have another puppy? When my cat was hit by a bus (so sad), my son wanted to get another cat right away, and it took us a while before we found Mochiko at the Hawaiian Humane Society. This was the best thing for us. Of course, Mochiko is an indoor cat and the queen of the house :0 xoxo

Joy said...

awe...your pup is so cute! love how he is just lounging and having a relaxing time! I wish I could be a dog sometimes =)

Jodi said...

Very cute pic of your dog! Oh he looks so fun and loving! =) Happy of course. =)
Hugs,Jodi =)