Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

Yes folks I am back! Shocked I'm blogging again? Me too! LOL!  Thought I'd share my weekend happenings in picture:

Wanted to play with my Silhouette so I thought I'd try and cut out this cutie.
Continued catching up on Project Life and yes folks, I'm only on Week 8.
Needed to give my little brain a change of scenery so I decided to go back to the Silhouette and play some more.
Decided not to use the Princess carriage and just make the card super simple.

Wanted to prep these cuties and have them all ready for my next project.
Spent Monday driving my in-laws around.
While we waited for the in-laws someone must have been hot and decided to sit on her water bowl that was FULL of water. Looks like it did the trick because she was super happy after she pulled that stunt!  What a lucky little girl to be able to pull something like that off w/o it being an issue.  What a dog's life!

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