Thursday, November 03, 2011

Day 3 - Bad Habit

Confession - I don't make my bed everyday. I know I should to prove to the hubby I do some housework while he's at work. But why bother sometimes when I know I'll be taking a nap in it? hahaha! They say (and I have to agree) when you make your bed right when you get up should starts your day in the right direction. I totally agree with that 100%. So with that being said, my days don't go quite right all the time (^_^).   Moving's my picture.

I'm actually using my iPhone for all my pictures.  Yup, I'm THAT lazy to bust out with the DSLR. Plus the 
iPhone 4S has an awesome camera!


Creative Grammie said...

What? I make my bed everyday right after I get out of it, but my day doesn't always head in the right path! Wonder what I'm doing wrong. Hmmm Hehehe

~*Joni said...

Lol! Love the honesty, and hey - us locals take a shower every night, so technically our sheets are just nice and rumpled. Not dirty and messy. ;)

Cosa said...

Haha that's my bad habit, too. my bed is messy everyday I think it's more comfortable :D