Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mini Album

It's been a while since I've scrapbook, let alone something for me.  Usually I'm doing an album as a present or Scrapbook For Hire.  But lately I've been itching to do something for me.  Before I left the islands, I wanted to document my last few days up until Jan/Feb timeframe.  So I've decided to do a mini album the traditional way.  I still love doing digi LOs, but miss doing the traditional way.  While living on the island, I realize that the locals are more into card making than scrapbooking.  Of course since I was surrounded by them I focused my skills on card making and pretty much left scrapbooking on the back burner.  But now that I'm back I've been on a mission to scrap.  So this is where I'm at.  It's not my usual scrapping style but I wanted it to be a bit primitive as if I was scrapping it at that moment (I regret not doing it at the time...pretty much didn't have any time those last few days) so I'm trying to recreate the album as if it just happen...whatever supplies I had on hand. It's not the prettiest but it's what was suppose to be in "real time".  The only thing I regret was not saving some memorabilia's and those I've saved I can't seem to find at the moment.  So that's why there are some blank spaces.  I hope to add them in when I find those that I remembered to save.  I hope to do more travel scrapbooks.  I think this is a good jumping off point, as it'll help me determine what I need to pack as far as supplies and what I need to collect for my pages throughout the trips.

Oh, I wanted to share this cool software that I got where I could printout Polaroid pics (the ones showing in the above pics was created using my Lawn Fawn's Say Cheese set).

OK, that's all I have, not much but hey, its something. Sorry for the crappy pics, but I took them using my phone.  Yeah, I'm that lazy to bust out the big ole DSLR(^o^) Thanks for stopping by!


Joy said...

love your scrapbook pages...wanna do mine? lol! glad you are crafting and keeping busy. hope all is well with you! miss you! have a lovely weekend! take care!

Teri said...

Hey Claudie, love your scrapbook! It's nice to just document the memories cuz that's the important stuff! Hope all is well!

Jen said...

Very Cute, Sister!!! I hope when you get settled you'll be able to create more, I know how junk it feels not to be able to do your fn things. But no worries, before you know it, you'll be back n' at 'em!!

~hologama~ {this is the word verification I had to type in to get my comment post on here). lol!!