Friday, July 02, 2010

Too my BFF

Aloha Friday!!  I made this card for my BFF Cindie.  It's a big bday for her (won't say how old) but it's one of those milestone birthdays.  Her actual birthday isn't until Aug, but I wanted to get her birthday gift to her ASAP cause she decided not to have a party or anything special done on her birthday.  All she wanted was a certain expensive thing (I won't say what).  Anyhow, the gift I was initially planning on buying her fell through and I can't get it until I go back to Japan, I thought getting her a GC to this certain store to help w/her purchase would be the next best thing!  Like I mentioned earlier, I needed to send it to her ASAP since I have no idea when she was planning on getting it.  Was it before her special day or after??  So since the dh was heading to her neck of the woods for work, I rushed to make the card and to get her gift.  Figuring out what stamp image to use for her bday card was hard.  She's not into crafts and she's not into saving cards (yeah, yeah, I know...why am I friends with her? Let alone her bff? LOL!).  But I figured she is after all my bff, it is a special birthday AND she sees what I make for everyone else so...I just had to make her a card!  I used one of my all time favorite stamps right now...Treasure Tempestwind!  LOL, yeah I odd name but I think these mermaids (her and her sisters) are sooo pretty!  If you don't have these stamps yet, let me tell you...they're huge! So fitting them on an A2 (is that the size of standard card?) is not that easy espeically when you wanna show the dp behind it.  Anyhow, I just love these mermaid images!  

As usual, thanks for stopping by!  Have a safe and happy 4th of July!  Aloha!

Oooh, btw, I forgot to mention there are two winners of my Quickpage giveaway that I mentioned here.  Please check back this weekend (maybe Sunday) for the winners! 


Berenice R. said...

Beautiful card! Your friend will love it :)

Jodi said...

Cute card! I love these mermaids too! Aren't they sweet!
Jodi =)

Shirley N said...

Love your layout, very sweet card she'll love it!

jo said...

So cute! :)