Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RAKs from this weekend get together

Aloha!  Sorry I'm still a bit MIA from blogland.  Busy, busy, busy!  After my last of my visitors left two Sundays ago, I've had non-stop appointments and this past weekend I was out the whole 3 days!! I was lucky enough to have been invited to my girl Linda's get together and boy did we have fun!  I love these girls so they're so honest and hella funny!  LOL!  Meow, A-chooooooo, Saddle, flatten da tummy, stripper, MFH, and a bunch of pigeon that I didn't understand. Anyhow, I'm posting the RAKs we got, I LOVE every single one of them AND I love, love, love the make n takes which I forgot to take pics of...oh well, I'll do that after I get back from CHA.  OK, I gotta hurry and finish this post I need to go to bed so I can wake up early, finish laundry and then pack! UGH!!!  I need to pack...hate packing!

RAK from Janis (I have yet to open to see what goodies are inside!  I so don't wanna untie the ribbon! LOL)

From Joy U. I just love this! I love the image she used and love that she was thoughtful enough to give us measurements and instructions!  Thanks girl!!

From my BFF Joy...what a cute notebook and wow look at the goodies too!

 From Kyoko...yummy candies and just love the box and oh yeah, you can't see it but there's a pack of gum behind the box!

From our hostess with the mostess...cute little calendar holder.  Once the year is done we can remove the calendar and replace with a post-it notepad on it!  Love it!!

From Michelle...oh my this is soooo pretty.  I'm not sure you can see but there's glitter outlining the flowers and it looks oh so elegant!!!  I'm definitely gonna lift this idea! 

This is also from Michelle and I think it was such a great idea on how she housed the chocolate!  I wouldn't have thought of making a holder like this!  LOVIN' IT!

OK, I'm off to bed, thanks for stopping by and I'll see you in a week where I should have a winner for the digi question (from a month or so ago) AND some blog candy.  So check back next week to see if you won and how to win the new blog candy!  Aloha!


Linda said...

Hey Claudie! I'm so glad you had a nice time. You are always welcome to my humble home. Have fun at CHA and be safe! We'll see you guys when you get back. Can't wait to hear all the stories! xoxo, Linda

P.S.: Can't wait for the pics!

Michelle U said...

I agree with Linda, was so awesome hanging out! Have fun at CHA and I will be here crying, nah j/k.


Joy said...

you are da bomb! hehe! love hanging out with all you girls! it was a blast and the stories and all the laughs were unforgetable! can't wait till we do this again! have a wonderful time in CHA and next year I am definitely going!

Kyoko said...

Hi GF! I had so much fun with you and the other girls ... we have no shame... Hey, can't wait to hear the "Adventures of Joy & Claudie" when you return from CHA. Have FUN!


Michelle U said...

Happy Birthday Claudette! Hope you are having lots of fun at CHA!