Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Aloha!  Just dropping in to let you all know I will resume blogging (hopefully) next Monday.  I still have family here and mom and dad have been staying in my room/office so computer time is very limited as well with crafting :(  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  It'll be so quiet when everyone leaves (*o*)  I was hoping that my brother would stay until Feb, but my dad has some appointments that he cannot cancel so the bro has to go back to help.  Any who, things should be back to normal Monday.  Hope everyone's New Years started off with a great start!!  As always thanks for always stopping by!  Aloha!


Cyndi said...

looking forward to seeing your creations when you return! happy new year!

Denise said...

Happy New Year! I look forward to your creations.

astraliving said...

Happy New Year!

Katherine said...

Happy New Year Claudette!

Michelle U said...

No worries! Happy New Year Claudette!


Jacilynn said...

Glad you are enjoying your time with Family! And fingers crossed you squeeze in some crafty time soon.lol i know how I get antsy when it's been a while. lol