Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Greeting Farm Stamp Feature for November 2017 Release

Hello everyone!  My apologies for the late post!  This week just took so much out of me with trying to get ready for the Holidays and some fun stuff that has come up unexpectedly.  So with that said, here are my projects for the Stamp Feature release!

Hello Gorgeous

Tiny Plans


I know, I know, my Hello Gorgeous and Tiny Plans look very similar, but truly it was unintentional.  I did those two spreads on different weeks...go figure.  I suppose that's my "planning style".  LOL!  I kept Feels really simple because I wanted people to see how you could use these stamps for everything but planner related.  AS you know I'm a very simple crafter but I like the stamps to stand out and speak for themselves!  LOL!  Hope you enjoyed this Stamp Feature, make sure to visit The Greeting Farm blog to see what the others created!

Stamps are currently sold out because apparently YOU all LOVE them so much!  Thank you to everyone who bought them, no worries because more are set to arrive back into the store this week, Saturday the latest!

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