Monday, July 27, 2015

The Greeting Farm's Snuddle Anya

Hello!!!  I am so excited that The Greeting Farm finally released the exclusive  Snuddle Anya today!!  We've had her in our hands for a while and couldn't wait for the general public to see her!  She's so cute!  

So for my projects, I like to create something that I would actually use.  I've been meaning to have a bunch of girl friends over for a craft night and figured, why not make it either a pj or sweats craft night.  No one likes crafting all dressed up!  So I will hopefully throw a pj/sweats craft night in Sept!  So I made an invitation and favor box for the craft party!  Enjoy!

Make sure to grab your Snuddle Anya, don't want you to miss out on her! Thanks for stopping by!


Candice Vidal said...

I love it! Where did you get that super cute paper for the treat bag? I need to get some asap!

Islander Girl said...

Hi Candice! I believe this is from Nancy Kubo's digi line which sadly is no longer avail. Sorry!