Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New Year new Project Life Album

Hello there!  I'm here in my craft room and decided to take a break (more like procrastinate).  I am contemplating on how I will approach this year's Project Life.  2012 (which has yet to be completed and yes, I still want to complete it especially since that was Fuji's first year) was in a 12x12 format.  2013 was in a Snap Album 6x8 format and I've pretty much completed it with a few exceptions of embellies and a few journaling but for the most part, it's pretty much done.  2014, well, I've stopped once we had the flood and then couldn't completely get back into it since we left for Europe.  So I definitely want to complete last years which was in a 12x12 format!  Last year, I decided not to do a Dec Daily, I love it but to be honest, we have no kids and there really isn't a bunch of traditions I do for it to be worth it.  Altho, I'm thinking of holding an Ugly Sweater party and maybe start my Cookie Exchange again...but we'll have to see.  Dec is always so busy for me and everyone else!  Anyhow, I digress...  I've noticed when it's in a smaller format, it's so much easier for me to complete, however I love adding so much more (that could be my problem!) and more journaling...  Plus, I had to use two 6x8 binders for 2013 and I really want to stick to just one album.  Studio Calico is coming out with a 9x12 which I'm really interested in however, they haven't come out with it yet, AND I have all the inserts for the 12x12 and 6x8...what shall I do? Ugh!  

I guess I should go back to cleaning and organizing this room and figure it out while I look through all my junk...LOL!  Anyone out there have any suggestions/tips/recommendations?  I would love to hear from you and see your Project Life.

Here are some of my Project Life spread throughout the years if you need any ideas or just want to see (yes, I've posted these before but wanted to have it on one post  so you can look at now.)




As always, thanks for stopping by! 

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