Sunday, May 11, 2014


We got Geisha Anya, Holiday Anya and Holiday Anya 3 Coordinating Stamp Cutouts at the store today!  When Geisha Anya first came out she was a digi and I was hoping and praying she would become a rubber stamp and woohoo!  Marie answered our prayers and created her in rubbah!  I of course bought her when she was a digi and had to use her ASAP, for those of you that hasn't followed my blog from day one, you wouldn't know but I was raised in Japan.  I am not Japanese but I grew up there and I do consider it my "home".  Being a Military child, we don't have a sense of home since we move every 3 -4 years.  However we were lucky enough my dad had several back to back tours in Japan.  We actually forced him to leave Japan once my brother started college.  Looking back, I wish we would have just left my bro in the states and stayed in Japan.  LOL!  

Anyhow, not only am I glad to have created Geisha Anya in cutout form, but happy to have created the two remaining Holiday Anya's.  This helps my Christmas cards and tags go much faster.  And before you scratch you head saying I'm a bit early... it is because I am!  I have to otherwise they will not get done.  I usually create some of the nieces tags and cards now so I won't be too unprepared this year! So for those of you that are like me...well, here you go...  One less thing to worry about come Christmas time!  Enjoy!  You can get them here!

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