Sunday, December 08, 2013

My heart broke tonight...

...this won't be a regular blog post nor will it be anything craft related, but I wanted to pay tribute to my family dog, Minnie.  She passed away today and I'm so sad!  But I'm more sad for my mom and dad (especially my dad).  Her brother passed away almost 2 years ago (in Jan).  Minnie for as much as we knew wasn't sick.  I'm thanking GOD every minute since I've heard the news that I got to spend some time with her this past Thanksgiving.  Minnie was afraid of Fuji, so while we were visiting my parents, she pretty much stayed inside their room.  So every day and every time I got home, I'd go inside their room to play with her.  So back to today, my mom called (she's visiting us, staying at my sis) and told me that Minnie passed away.  I went cried my eyes out and went and told my hubby (who was in bed sleeping already), both dogs were sleeping but when I was bawling like a baby, Fuji stood up and came over and literally kissed the tears away.  Now most of you are probably thinking what's wrong with that?  Well, I never let him lick me, maybe under my chin when I do say "kiss" but that's rare but today it was like he knew I was hurt and sad.  And this folks, is why my heart broke.  Dogs have a great sense when it comes to their owners...  They are loyal, they love you unconditional no matter how many times you yell at them.  Losing a pet is NEVER easy!  I keep telling myself I will not get another dog...but how could you not have one in your life?!!?!?!?  Anyhow, before I end, I wanted to post a picture of our sweet Minnie:

If you stayed to read my ramblings, thank you!  Hug your pets and your family, for we don't know how long we'll have them!  Aloha!

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