Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last one standing gets the last goodie!

hahaha! I couldn't think of a proper title, but I think that caught your attention! LOL!  Seriously though, to the three people that won, first one gets their choice of stamp and Hello Kitty Journal cards.  Here's what up for grabs:

Two Amazeballs stamps
One Bangin' stamp
One Hello Kitty Travel Journal Card notebook
Two Hello Kitty Birthday Journal Card notebook

Each winner gets to pick one of each (one stamp (of your choice) and one Journal Card notebook (of your choice). In addition to the above, each winner gets 2 of each color bags, a white gel pen AND a little something extra.  Last person to comment gets whatever is left. 

So Lissa, Tammy and Teri whoever comments first gets their top pick and second person gets next pick.  Good luck and don't forget to send me an email w/your snail mail address!

Here's a pick of 2 of the 3 prizes:


mst822 said...

Hi Claudie!
Not too sure what place I'm in but Amazeballs would be awesome & HK birthday journal would be great but any prize would be fine too!
Thank you Sooo much!

Teri said...

Hi Claudie!
Sorry so late in replying. Dad was in the ER again and just got caught up in the process...thanks for picking my name! I will take anything that you offer...thank you so much! Shall I email you my address?