Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catch Up

Happy New Year everyone! I know I'm only 11 days late! LOL!  But it's still the new year don't ya think? (^_<).  So how was/is everyone's new year?  Mine? Interesting to say the least. Lots of stuff going on, had family over for the holidays and life is slowly going back to normal (I hope!).  For those that are friends with me on FB, I recently deactivated it.  I just figured I needed a break and if I didn't deactivate it, I would log on while I was bored or waiting in the car to peek into the lives of my friends and I just wanted it to be like the good ole days.  I like to find out what's happening w/friends the old fashion know, write, call or see them in person and catch up.  So I have no clue when or if I'll reactivate it.  Right now it's been nice, not knowing everyone's business or vice versa...LOL!  So if you were wondering, no, I didn't defriend you or block you (^_^)

OK, onto a few pictures to catch you up (I am posting pics from my phone, so some pictures may be grainy).  

LO of my trip to Paris (more to come).  I decided to scrap the old fashion way...with actual paper and embellies that you can actually touch (^_^)

I'm so in love with AT's mini books and I just can't get enough!  Even though I know how to make these, I find it way more convenient to just grab me some of Amy's and scrap away.  I'll be using mine for my travel journals so I'm really excited to go on my next vacay...I'm hoping it'll be back to Japan springtime.  Crossing my fingers.

M got me the Cameo (which I absolutely love, love, love!) for Christmas/Bday...but who are we kidding? I'm buying some crafty stuff and playing the bday card, am I lucky to have a support and giving dh...hahaha!

I participated in Dec Daily and slowly putting it together.  Its a lot harder when you took pictures w/3 different cameras...sigh, why did I do that?

OK, I think that's all the pics I have on my phone...will try to post regularly.  Although, I've been super lazy to blog you can bet I won't be doing it on a daily basis.  Thanks for stopping by...hope to see and hear from all of you soon!

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Joy said...

Yeah! She's posting again!Really cool albums you're putting together, thank for sharing them. Glad you still tweeting, otherwise wouldn't know how you're doing!

Hve a great weekend!