Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Pirates of the Caribbean in Hawaii!

Sorry but I'm too lazy to upload pics from my camera to my computer...so I thought I'd take a craft break and post about some exciting things happening on the islands.  Not only are we fortunate enough to live in paradise, BUT we are lucky to have a couple of big Hollywood movie and show filming here!  Two that I can think of at the moment which are Pirates of the Caribbean and the New Hawaii 5-0!  Both of the main stars are my a couple of my favorite actors and thrilled to have them both on the island!  Hope to run into either one or even better...both! ha! Fat chance, but you never know!

Anyhow, we had breakfast on the windward side of the island a couple of weekends ago and noticed the Black Pearl at Kbay...  Exciting isn't it?  I have more pics, but like I said earlier I'm too lazy and for now, you're only getting one pic...lol!

Hope you're all having a great week so far! Aloha!


Joy said...

so exciting yah! love that they are actually here in the islands and on my side at that! have a good Tuesday!

Leanne said...

How cool! I hope you run into both! Thanks for sharing the pictures. How nice to have lunch with that view. MFS!!

joni h said...

WOW! You got a great shot of the ship! So jealous!
We tried to go at night but it was crazy crowded! TFS!