Friday, June 18, 2010

A card for baby Joey

Short post much going on.  It's 2:27 AM and I still up! Been doing a lot of research and on top of that, I had my allergies earlier today, took benedryl and slept the day away.  I suppose I need to call it a night after I post this.  Anyhow, here's a card I made for my cousin's son.  Used Mindy Terasawa's Monster Muncher's which you can get at DD.  Real simple card...  Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Aloha Friday!


Katherine said...

Sa lahat ng monster, siya ang pinaka-cute!

Sana nawala na allergies mo.


Jenny said...

Hi Claudette,
These monsters are so cute! You make everything look easy!


Jen said...

Love that I got to see this on IRL! So cute. Have to get this set when I have a "purchase" day. Hugs, Jen

Joy said...

cute card! love that monster. I can't believe you are up so late! I wish my reason is for that. I am not creating but really soaking in and enjoying every moment of the world cup! can't get enough of Cristiano Ronaldo...heehee! okay...hope you are feeling better. have a good Monday!

Jacilynn said...

Oh My! This is adorable! Who wouldn't love this monster card.
BTW, I believe you are an enabler. lol I want every Mind T. kit out there. They are all so amazing.