Thursday, April 15, 2010

TGF In the Spotlight Release Day

Sooo sorry I'm late posting this!  There was a bit confusion on my end and then I decided to change my LO!  Ugh!  LOL! 

I think that it's really apparent now just how versatile these new, larger kits are going to be, not to mention what a GREAT value they are!  You get a TON of die-cut stamps for $28!  A full 8.5x11 sheet, so when you think about it, you're getting larger stamps, often more than 2 4x6 sets and paying less than what the price would be for 2 of our 4x6 sets.  Pretty cool huh?

I hope you guys ran over to the TGF shoppe and bought yourself this versatile kit!!! Hurry over cause from what I hear there's only a limited amount!

OK, onto the TGF Weekly Scrapbooking Challenge!   

That's right!  Each week on Thursdays, TGF will be offering ANOTHER challenge with more chances to WIN!  (I know, we rock, LOL!)  

JOIN us with our "TGF THURSDAY" Challenges for inspiration, ideas, prizes, and MORE!   TGF Thursdays will mostly consist of Scrapbooking projects with the occasional card or altered item thrown in, so please plan accordingly and now, without further adieu, our FIRST TGF THURSDAY CHALLENGE IS...

*Create a SCRAPBOOK PAGE using TGF Stamps!  (you can use embellies of your choice, but all stamps need to be TGF!)

 Here's my sample:

Sorry it's so light, however IRL it is perfect!  LOL!

Journaling reads:
"I absolutely loved visiting the temples in Kyoto.  Especially the Kinkakuhi (Golden Temple) or Rokuon-ji (Deer Garden Temple).  It is gorgeious in pictures but in real life it's absolutely breath taking!  The reflection of the temple on the pond which is called Kyoko-chi (Mirror pond) makes it all that more spectacular.  This temple is literally covered in gold - gold leaf.  This has to be by far my favorite temple out of all the temples we visited during our Kyoto tour!  I will always remember this tour and so happy we decided to take  it!"

"We have travel to chosen destinations and keep the memories of these visit somewhere in our hearts.  With the written word, we are able to unlock our heart and once again relive times in our lives."

TFL and check out the other Guest Designer's LO's!


Shirley N said...

Love your LO and such a nice picture. I think it's perfect, too!

Sparkle said...

Such a lovely layout!

Lysa said...

This is ADORABLE.. love that Anya in the Kimono! :)

Joy said...

love your altered anya! the scrap page is lovely too...keep up the good work! have a good night =)

Cyndi said...

love this lo! and the altered anya! cute!

Denise said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!! I Love that sweet Anya image, perfect match for your page.

Jodi said...

Claudie, this is just too cute! I love that you swapped heads, and bodies for a cute asian girl! I may have to CASE this one!! LOL!!
Jodi =)

jo said...

Beautiful! Love how you interchanged the head with a different body! Clever! :)